Stanley Jay Friedman


Stanley Jay Friedman was born and raised in New York, and a graduate of Parsons The New School For Design. Friedman formed his own atelier in New York City in the mid-70’s. In order to express his beliefs, Friedman’s work ethic is a total commitment to a design philosophy he has always believed in, which is to control, influence and design the entire project and almost everything in it. Whether or not it proved acceptable – he leaves it to the future to decide.

In 1997, Friedman gave up his architectural interior design practice to concentrate solely on product. His designs have been published numerous times, and he has achieved many successes, as well as awards and commendations: Including the Dupont Antron Grand Prize Award, IBD Awards, Roscoe Awards and many others.

Although Friedman’s name has been synonymous with designing product for the architect and designer trade, he also designs for numerous notable furniture manufacturers. Fellow designers and architects recognize him for his clean barrier-breaking modern designs. With an eye on cutting edge technologies, Friedman’s passion for pushing boundaries and experimenting has led to his reputation for being a savvy forward thinking designer.

Friedman lectures in America on the evolution of modernism. His focused concern is the slow emergence of the understanding and acceptance of modernism in our homes.

Friedman says that he never tires of designing. He has more inspiration today than he had in 1970. His motivation has never been greater. He is always challenging himself, and looks forward to doing his best work.